The End of Procrastination

Don't waste one more minute on mindless activities that keep you from your dreams. Our EBook provides simple tips and exercises that you can use when you feel like giving up or pushing things off.

Learn to finish in an hour what would normally take you an entire day to complete. Turn a boring project into fun activity. Learn to only work on the activities that will get you closer to the goal at hand. Start your day full of energy without coffee´╗┐.

Purchase the ebook today, and take control of your life.

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Target Audience

People who want to be productive, effective at work, develop good habits, quit bad habits, have more energy, achieve goals.

  • Country: ALL COUNTRIES
  • Age Group: 18 To Above 60
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Keywords: end, procrastination, ebook, habit, energy, productive, achieve, goal, focus

Terms and Restrictions

  • Software: Yes
  • Email & Newsletter: Yes
  • Incentivization: No
  • Search Engine Marketing: Yes
  • Allow Blogging & Forum Posting: Yes
  • Allow Ad Networks/3rd Party Distribution: Yes

Commission Plan(s)

Plan Name:
The End of Procrastination Standard Commission Plan
100 Days
2011-05-24 To Permanent


Action Type:
Action Commission:
30.00 % of Sale (USD)
Action Recurring:
Referred customer must make a valid purchase of the ebook.
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