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  • Active since: 06 January 2009
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  • Payment Terms: Net - 30 days

What is PowerFolder?
PowerFolder is a solution to synchronize, share, backup and access files. The software connects computers and allows to exchange all kind of
data, which you want to share with your colleagues or customers. It can also keep your office and home computer in sync or backup important data to another computer. It automatically detects new or changed files and keeps all your computers in sync. To make your data transfers faster, PowerFolder allows downloads from multiple sources, and only transfers the changed parts of a file.

In one sentence: PowerFolder takes care of your data - Simple, secure and reliable. PowerFolder is easy to setup for beginners and highly configurable for professionals.

Clients for Windows, Mac and Linux computers enable cross platform synchronization.At any time PowerFolder ensures the privacy of your data, using industrial standard security features.
PowerFolder can be used over the Internet, in LAN, via VPN or in Intranets without a dedicated server and without a connection to the PowerFolder homepage or server.
To test our product the Trial version can be downloaded and tested for free.
PowerFolder exists since 2003 and is currently available in all major languages.

Serious reliable affiliates needed!
For serious reliable money!

If you know your business and how to push software sales, we are looking forward to see you in our affiliate program.

We offer you a good revenue from single "PowerFolder home license" sales and "PowerFolder Business versions" both can be promoted as one. The average order on the home license is 90+ USD the average for business volume license 200+ USD
If the user is ordering with Online Storage you will get provision for that also.

We are planing to start with provision of 20% on every sale but our target is 25% . We will give special conditions to successful affiliates as soon as this feature is available on Affiliate Bot.

If you have suggestions how to improve our Affiliate program we are open to most suggestions.

Please note: we want to do this the quality way, therefore we would like to ask you to avoid Spam.

Target Audience

Since we have two versions of PowerFolder we have two major target audiences:

-In Private use
Every person which needs to:

Sync two or more computers
Create backups
Distribute data.
Work at home

But also a major part of our users are
Families (with more than one computer)
Small and medium sized private networks (e.g. clubs/clans/group of friends/churches)

-In Business use
Small and medium size companies which:

Allow Home work
Have a lot of employees on travel
Have a decentralized structure
Need an automated backup
Want to save server infrastructure
Do project work.

If you can reach those groups we would be happy if you give it a try,

Our experience shows that you can advertise the Business and the Home version as one. The Home version normally sells faster but the Business version (especially with volume licenses and Online Storage) will give you higher revenue with each sale.

If you need special advertising materials,or got some points which are not working for your audience, please let us know we will be happy to improve our program with your help.

  • Country: ALL COUNTRIES
  • Age Group: 18 To 60
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Keywords: Software, Network, Private, Business, Sync, Backup, PowerFolder, data exchange, serious, sale,

Terms and Restrictions

  • Software: Yes
  • Email & Newsletter: Yes
  • Incentivization: No
  • Search Engine Marketing: Yes
  • Allow Blogging & Forum Posting: Yes
  • Allow Ad Networks/3rd Party Distribution: Yes

Commission Plan(s)

Plan Name:
PowerFolder Commission Plan
100 Days
2008-12-18 To Permanent
Starting basic commission. Powerfolder helps any computer user to synchronize, share, backup and access files. Come join our affiliate program and earn commissions of 20% per sale.


Action Type:
Action Commission:
20.00 % of Sale (USD)
Action Recurring:
The customer must complete an purchase of one of the following products:
PowerFolder Home (Single)
PowerFolder Business(Single/Volume)
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