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Introduction to Gossimer web hosting:

We have so many choices by which we can host our website on the internet; there are so many providers who can offer us great prices in order to make hosting inexpensive. There is tough competition amongst web hosting providers and no doubt the one who can delight their customers by satisfying their wishes emerges as the topper!! This is where Gossimer comes in; Gossimer has won many awards over the years as proof of its dedication to their customers.

What to choose Linux or Windows web hosting?

Gossimer has many servers at two different data centers around the world with constant expansion or the quantity and the quality of the servers in our network. Gossimer is able to provide the cPanel control panel on the Linux servers and Plesk control panel on the Windows servers. The preferred hosting platform for web hosting is Linux as it is secure and versatile and offers the ability to serve php pages as well as htm and html coded pages. Another advantage of Linux is the MySQL database system which allows the customer to easily integrate databases into their site allowing the serving of dynamically updating content. Alternatively, Gossimer also offers Windows hosting, Windows hosting is only recommended for customer who already have their website or scripts coded in asp and require the ability to connect to a MSSQL or MS access database. Linux started gaining ground over the past few years and is now the primary selection to host your website.

What level of web hosting do you choose?

Depending on your requirements, Gossimer offers four different web hosting levels which are shown above and all the prices are planned keeping the customers in mind. Many of our customers love the fact that we offer extensive scalability in that our customers can start at the lowest and therefore the cheapest plan (Chick Hosting Plan) and then they can easily upgrade as their needs and website traffic grows. They also enjoy the fact that when they upgrade it is instant and there is no website downtime caused. Customers may also downgrade at any time if their traffic or needs were to decrease.

Don't forget to register Domain Names with your order:

Gossimer offers everything a web master might need to register his site’s domain name. With each domain name, the customer receives a free email account, DNS service, unlimited mail forwards, privacy protection, domain forwarding, and chat/domain theft protection. Bulk registration is available, too, for customers who need to register several domain names at once. The same benefits are available when transferring existing domain names—individually or in bulk.

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Target Audience

webmasters, online businesses, bloggers, website owners, online retailers, people looking for webhosting.

  • Country: ALL COUNTRIES
  • Age Group: 18 To Above 60
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Keywords: hosting, web, domain, name, linux, windows, data, transfer, disk, space, web hosting, website hosting, website, domain name, linux hosting, windows hosting, cheap web hosting, , affordable web hosting

Terms and Restrictions

  • Software: Yes
  • Email & Newsletter: Yes
  • Incentivization: No
  • Search Engine Marketing: Yes
  • Allow Blogging & Forum Posting: Yes
  • Allow Ad Networks/3rd Party Distribution: Yes

Commission Plan(s)

Plan Name:
Gossimer Standard Commission Plan
365 Days
2010-03-09 To Permanent
Gossimer hosting plans offers customers unlimited disk space and data transfer with free credits and 30 days money back guarantee. Come promote this attractive offer and earn $90 commissions per referral sale of one of our Web Hosting Plans


Action Type:
Action Commission:
$90.00 per Sale (USD)
Action Recurring:
Referred customer must make a valid purchase of our hosting plans.
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